Tuesday, January 21, 2014

eew snow

Whenever there is talk of a snowstorm, it's not usually as bad as the news makes it out to be.  Honestly, I think the people who give the news get off on talking about bad shit happening in the world.  The worst is when the LA news stations report snow in PA to the point where they start freaking my grandma out, sometimes even weeks after the snow is all but melted away.

Well, this time, there's actually something to talk about.  It's currently snowing like a motherfucker.  I got out of work early, which was cool since it means that I had time to get a workout in AND study for my accounting class (and maybe get sucked into a stupid show since I have no rehearsal and no desire to do accounting), but I also got to walk over a mile in the snow and wind to get home.  I'm pretty sure that was the most unpleasant winter walk I've ever taken.  I was covering my hair and face with the scarf I had on and looked like a mess in Ugg boots.  For the first and hopefully only time in my life, I wished that I owned a ski mask.  At one point, the wind blew so hard it actually gave me a headache.  I guess this is life in the big city. 

I don't have much more to say about this so I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from my "lovely" walk home.

Right outside Penn's med school.  This is the only point at which the weather actually looked pretty.

The line of cars on Market Street.  I was walking faster than the speed of traffic, which wasn't very difficult to do.

View of the Philly skyline around 4:30pm.  (jk.  you can't see it behind the fog of doom)  This picture was taken from the middle of the street where I was walking because the sidewalk wasn't plowed and the snow was coming up over my boots.

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