Wednesday, December 18, 2013

an adventure at target (sort of)

My friends Chrystina of and Alison of Simply A have decided to do a special series of blog posts about our favorite box store, Target! :-)  If you're visiting EFLA from one of their pages, I welcome you and hope that you stay for awhile (feel free to follow on Twitter/FB/Bloglovin)! 

"If you had $500 to spend at, what would you buy?"

I'm no stranger to blogging about misadventures at Target (click here for my last piece about the place).  Unfortunately, Target didn't pay us to do this, but had they bribed me, I wouldn't have said no. When you go to Target, you must be fully prepared to spend a minimum of $100 if you set foot inside the store.  But, the online shopping experience at Target is different from the in-store experience. As it is, the mind processes information that it reads online on a screen differently from information that it sees in person or reads in print.  While online shopping, you are not physically placed in the path of items that you would typically buy on impulse, so you are less likely to buy little crap like Chapsticks or travel Advil.
In real life, I only shop online when I know exactly what I want because I think that shopping decisions (especially clothes, sheets, and jewelry) are best made in person where you can feel fabrics, try on items, and see the actual product as opposed to an idealized image that has been masterfully photoshopped.  Anyway, I present to you the items that I would purchase if I had $500 to spend at 
I even learned how to use Illustrator just to make this collage :-)
  1. Threshold Open Storage Bench - this would be perfect for my room.  I like the idea of extra seating and extra storage in my room.  I'd probably put this at the foot of my bed.
  2. Threshold 16 Piece Cambridge Dinnerware Set - Green is my favorite color and I'm tired of my current dinnerware set.  I host fairly often, so it would be nice to change things up.
  3. Threshold Pinched Pleat Duvet Cover Set - Purple is my second favorite color.  Right now, my comforter is blue and I'm not feeling it.  I got new sheets and a new bed, so there is no reason my comforter should be boring.  
  4. Conair Infinity Pro Curling Iron - I know it looks rather phallic in the photograph.  I would apologize, except it's really not my fault.  We'll have to blame Conair for questionable design choice.  It doesn't take away from the fact that I do need a new larger curling iron because the one I have is too small. (I can't dig myself out of this so enjoy the double entendre)
  5. Emerson 900-Watt Microwave - Most of my cookware is red, black or white.  I like that this microwave would match the theme.  My microwave is also kind of small - it works well, but a new one would be nice.
  6. Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition "Classic Chic" Brush Set - I like Sonia Kashuk's brush sets and I travel a lot.  I could use a new travel set.
  7. Magic Mike DVD+Blue-Ray - Because...reasons.  And the plot, obviously.  I would like to own this on DVD and Blue-Ray so that I can future-proof my investment in this fine piece of...cinema.
  8. Threshold Metal Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand - this seems much less interesting than Magic Mike.  I am not even going to try and explain why I need this item in my life.
So here you have it - these are the things that I would have chosen for myself if I had a $500 shopping spree at  Please visit my friends' posts and see what they chose! 

How would you spend $500 at Target?

Click below to find out how these ladies would.

Chrystina Jamie Alison

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  1. Still love the Magic Mike thing. Also, I was totally just as tempted to buy chapstick. I just had more time to kill while searching :)