Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Cat Has Redeemed Himself?

Just as I'd resigned myself to the fact that I got a cat that doesn't catch mice, I made a discovery.

I was wallowing on the couch in my congestion when I noticed that my cat was making a bit of commotion while playing.  I assumed that he was just playing with Halloween spider rings, which I've been letting him enjoy all week.  But then I noticed that his playing was accompanied by loud thuds.  I took a better look at him and saw that he was playing with a mousie toy.  I stopped.  The mousie toy dropped to the floor.  The cat looked at me.  He looked down at the mousie toy, picked it up, and then dropped it down again.  It made a loud thud.  That's when I realized that he was not playing with a toy.  HE WAS PLAYING WITH A DEAD MOUSE.

For a moment, I was relieved that he caught a mouse and that it was no longer scurrying around my kitchen.  I was excited that I didn't have a cat that was scared of mice!  That excitement quickly turned to disgust as he picked it up again and threw it right into my entertainment unit - that's when I realized that I would need to confiscate, handle (EEEWWWW) and discard the dead mouse.

I had to wait for my cat to slap the mouse back onto the floor (CATS ARE GRODY!) before I could finally grab the unfortunate mouse and remove him from the premises.

The joys of being a cat owner.

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